Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pee On A Stick

About 6:30 am on Sunday, lying in the guest bed of our good friends in Pittsburgh, Eileen and Jim, Stef turned to me and asked, "when we get home tonight, could we pick up a pregnancy test?" I had known it was a possibility that she might be pregnant (after all, we had been trying for a while now, and we were both tracking her cycle at this point). However, up to that point I had no actual indication (positive or negative) as to whether or not it was probable. Stef's round-about confirmation of that more-likely-than-not probability certainly made the 10.5 hour ride home -- despite the traffic, a restless night, and a nagging cough -- much more bearable.

When we got back to Providence around 7 pm, we immediately hit the CVS. However, Stefanie being a stickler for following the rules (and being much more patient than I am), we waited until the following morning before she did the pee-on-a-stick ritual. Two minutes later (those test results come back so fast!) we noticed a faint blue line, and we became ecstatic. Although, to be honest, by that time my fledgling cough had become a full-fledged Spring Carnival mystery sickness, and my ecstasy was limited to a weak smile. I assure you though, had I been able to jump and shout, I certainly would have done so.

And, of course, Stefanie didn't trust the results, so she peed on another stick the following morning. Happily, that line came out much more blue (see above photo), and our adventures in Tummy Monster-land began.

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