Monday, June 11, 2007

Doctor VIsit: 02 (The Beat Goes On!)

There are absolutely no words that I could use to describe the pride and joy I felt this afternoon hearing the Monster's heartbeat. Sure, it was really weird being at someone else's doctor's appointment, and, yes, I was a little freaked out watching another person look at my wife's naked parts. But all that sort of melted away at the very first wet-sounding thump coming out of Stef's tummy. Seriously, though, if I'm this messed up about an internal, automatic, uncontrollable bodily function, how emotional am I gonna' be when the kid poops for the first time?

Oh, and and big, fat "Hello!" to everyone who has decided to drop by our unborn child's blog. We're very glad we can finally discuss everything out in the open-like with y'all. Of course, the Monster will now probably be all we talk about for the next few years, but at least it's better than law stuff, right?

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