Saturday, June 9, 2007

Monster Update: Week 11

Our fig-sized (pictured) Monster is now fully formed — measuring 1 1/2 inches long and weighing in at a quarter of an ounce. Its skin is still transparent, allowing many of its blood vessels to show through. Some of the Monster's bones are beginning to harden, and tiny toothbuds are starting to appear under its gums. The Monster's fingers and toes have separated, and it may soon be able to open and close its fists. The Monster is already busy kicking and stretching, and its tiny movements are so fluid they look like water ballet. These movements will increase as its body grows and becomes more developed and functional. As its diaphragm develops, the Monster may also start to get the hiccups. Because it's still so small, though, Stef won't be able to feel any of these workouts or intrauterine gulps until sometime between weeks 16 and 20.

Text adapted from Baby Center.

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