Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doctor Visit: 03

Overall, this was a pretty routine, although slightly frustrating visit. We waited for a really long time because the doctor was out last week for the holiday, and apparently everyone rescheduled for our day. Being extremely impatient people, this wait made us cranky and hungry, and I wanted to throttle the newscasters on the TV we were forced to listen to (or, rather, the politicians said announcers quoted without question). And then we saw the doctor, heard the Monster's heartbeat, and pretty much forgot all our cares and worries. I can't wait for this kid to get here, but I still think it's beyond rude to make little beeping noises while playing with your cell phone in a full waiting room.

Overall, Stef is feeling much, much better (thanks for all those who wished her well during the first trimester), although she's still pretty tired and occasionally she still gets sick (especially when she's stuck in a waiting room for almost two hours).

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