Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On Being Web-Savvy

For those of you who already have this blog on an RSS feed, feel free to ignore this post (except the last paragraph!). However, for those of you who check back every day or so to see if there is an update or not, we have some suggestions which will save you a bunch of time and heartache.

First, you should consider subscribing via an RSS reader. We like Google's, because it's free and easy. And free. Here's a link to a pretty good video that explains what RSS readers do and how to go about getting started with them. Once you watch that, come back here and copy and paste the following url into your "add subscription" area:

Now you can use that site to not only view the updates to this awesome blog, but all the other less-awesome blogs and news sites you read on a daily basis, saving you tons of time, which you can then use to think about ways to thank us for saving you so much time.

But let's say you don't read that many blogs or news sites on the web. In fact, if you just use the internet to read this blog (because it rocks) and check your email, you might want to be emailed when there's a new post. If that's the case, shoot us an email with your preferred email address, and we'll add you to the Tummy Monster email group.

Finally, if you look at the sidebar of this page (which you wouldn't see in your RSS reader, natch) you'll see a new poll feature which you should go ahead and participate in. It's in beta-testing at Blogger, which is why it looks all wonky, but eventually it'll be nice and neat and it will tell us things like what gender you all think the Monster is, or what it's name should be, or when you think it'll actually arrive, or any other little thing we feel like polling you on. Fun, right? Anyhoo, we hope this helped.

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