Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dropping The Bomb

Here's how we let the cat out of the bag (finally): First, Stef told AJ and Fran that she may not be able to keep up or eat out too much... because she was pregnant. They were very excited for us and we all agreed that it's pretty cool that the Monster will be about the same age as Ribs (a.k.a. Hunter). Fran and Stef commisteratted/gushed about their shared experiences, while AJ and I played Nintendo. It was all very 21st Century Norman Rockwellian. Meanwhile, Auntie Kate called, and we decided to tell her, too, since we weren't going to see her in a few weeks and it was very unlikely Stef's family could keep it a secret from her for that long. She was happy, but feeling a bit left out, I think. I am sure she'll get over it after she smells her first diaper.

As for the Parentals, both sets were extremely happy. We had held back with some Mother's Day gifts... children's books related to being grandmothers, knowing that we were going to break the news during our vacation to everyone in person. I don't think anyone was particularly surprised (I mean, we've been married for four years now), but it's one thing to think you might be a grandparent, and another to actually find out that you will be a grandparent. Congratulations to everyone (mostly us!), and welcome to Tummy Monster's blog. We hope this keeps you well informed.

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