Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monster's First: Road Trip

This past Memorial Day weekend, we took a road trip to visit friends and family down the eastern seaboard. Our first stop was West Chester, PA, where we stayed with our good friends the "Hechlingers." Kylie was beautiful and amazing, Bethany looked healthy and happy, and Randy was--as always--in good spirits. They're expecting their latest brood member soon enough, and I've no doubt we'll be hitting them up for parenting advice sooner or later.

Stop number two was AJ and Fran's new home in Raleigh, NC. They seemed to be doing very well for themselves, as were their adorable pups, Luci and Rocco (see above). While in North Carolina we went to a flea market, a comic store, numerous grocery stores looking for fresh mint (MOJITOS!!!), and a dog park where we saw a pony (actually, a Great Dane), and met Chandler Bing (the Cocker Spaniel). We also introduced AJ and Fran and their friends to the awesomeness that is the Wii. Oh! And we FINALLY got to tell people about the Monster (see this post).

Our third stop was Northern Virginia, to see my folks, and tell them the good news. This was followed by the requisite hugs, kisses and phone calls to relatives, along with more Wii playing, dinner at Reston Town Center, and Settlers of Catan (h/t DeLanceys).

Finally, we made our way back north, with only a brief detour at Mystic, CT to tell Stef's folks the big news. They fed us steak and sent us home, and we got a very good night's rest, even though the cats puked on our bed while we were gone.

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lance said...

It's like Risk but without the death to tiny plastic armies.