Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doctor Visit: 08 (or thereabouts)

One of these days I'll get Stef to actually post to this blog, but in the meantime, I thought I'd let everyone know the latest slew of Doctors' appointments have confirmed that that the Monster is doing fine, and so is Stef (who, as you can tell by the picture on the side, has gotten much bigger in the past few weeks), and there aren't going to be any RH antibodies or something which is good news now and if we have another kid later.

Also, Stef said she was "shot in the butt with Rogaine" during her last visit, but that doesn't make sense to me at all. Now that we're in the third trimester she's going to be going to the Doctor biweekly, so expect more health updates as the Monster's eviction date comes closer.


cheryl said...

Ah Stef must be Rh - and you must be Rh + then (Lance and I were B+ and A- respectively). That sucks that they gave Stef the Rhogam shot in the ass! I got mine in my arm. Then we found out at birth that it didn't even matter because RJ was A- like me. So here's hoping that Xander is too so Stef can avoid shot #2 after childbirth!

stefaniedhowell said...

Yes, it is "Rhogam", not "rogaine".

We actually don't know what Koos's blood type is (he should really find that out!), so the doctor is doing the Rh stuff to be on the safe side. I am A-, just like you! I hate needles.

I also had the blood sugar test and tested negative for gestational diabetes, so I can keep eating ice cream and snickers bars. :)