Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Is Here, Monster Is Not

In 2004, just after the Sox won the World Series, as Stef and I slogged home against the flow of the Boston mob heading downtown for post-game drunken revelry and rioting, I lamented the fact that any child born after that day would have a long time to wait before seeing the Sox in the Series again.

It did not occur to me back then that this also included my own future child(ren).

And now, here we are. October 2007, and the Sox are once again on their way to the Fall Classic. Now, certainly, the Rockies don't look like the '04 Cardinals, but I am as confident as a member of the Red Sox Nation can be* about the Sox's chances, here. But winning would, for me, be kind of bitersweet, since the Tummy Monster won't be able to see the Green Monster for at least another few months now and share this moment with me. Poor kid is going to miss some great baseball here.

Well, at least his cousin Hunter (pictured) will be able to regale the Monster with the details of the games!

Let's go Sox!

* Max. confidence of any Sox fan = shy kid with acne, two lazy eyes and a stutter.

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Fran said...

Ironically, I'm reading this while nursing the little guy and watching the highlights on ESPN!! It was a tough call, but when Hunter decided to give us a precious gift by dozing off at 9 pm, I actually chose to sleep... then again, I find myself feeling way more confident -- what Red Sox fan turns down watching Game 1 of the WS, with the assumption that they are going to win? I sound like a Yankee fan, for goodness sake!