Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Can Do Better Than I Can!

Dear Readers of the Tummy Monster blog,

It occurred to me this morning that, after the Monster is born, he's going to need a new Blog, since he will no longer be a "tummy" monster. So, then, the question is, what should the name of the blog be? Also, what should the URL of the blog be (keeping in mind that most of the nice and simple blogspot URLs are already taken)?

Here's what I came up with so far (all URLs are available as of this morning):

  • Xander the Mander (xantheman.blogspot.com)
  • Alexander & the ____, ____, ____ Day (alexandtheday.blogspot.com)
  • Xander's World Wide Web Log (xwwwl.blogspot.com)
  • The Xander Update (xanderupdate.blogspot.com)
  • Xander Land (xanderlander.blogspot.com)
  • What Xander Did Today (xandertoday.blogspot.com)
  • Xxxander (xxxander.blogspot.com) [Ed.'s note: clearly running out of viable ideas, I make a lame joke at my unborn son's expense based on the name we have selected for him]
  • Xander Pod (xanderpod.blogspot.com)
  • Xands Of Time(xandsoftime.blogspot.com)
  • The X Spot (thexmarksthe.blogspot.com) [Ed.'s note: Okay, I kinda like this one.]

I know you can do better than those, because most of those were LAME, so let's hear your suggestions in the comments, please!


Marcus said...

Some more "ideas" (aka "horrible riffs on a theme"): Alexanderrata, Alexandersatz, Alexanderaser, Alexanderethism, Alexandergo, Alexanderg, Alexandera, Alexanderudite... you get the idea.

lance said...

Alexander The (Ho)Well?

Marcus said...

Xander Howell's Internet Thing (for reference, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPsUmhqncAg&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Egoogle%2Ecom%2Freader%2Fview%2F

stefaniedhowell said...

Should we have a blog just for him, or have a more general one for our whole family, thus incorporating any future tummy monsters?

Marcus said...

Well, we could do that, I suppose. And we'll keep "Tummy Monster" open for the next one, assuming...

Catherine said...